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Shamballa Pathways

64 Pathways of Awakening,
Healing and Transcendation
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Shamballa was first discovered in Mount Shasta ...


... in 1998 next to the panther river.  Mount Shasta is a sacred mountain located in Northern California and home to many Lemurian star beings.  It is the center of planet Earth and the root/earth chakra of our planet.  The core purpose of Shamballa is discovering the love and freedom that comes with connecting purely to source and transcending our limiting 3D experience.  Shamballa is the collective consciousness of Ascended and Galactic Masters. The Shamballa Diamond frequency is a crystalline matrix that matches the Lightbody in the human energy field.   


This 64-pathway matrix is the core structural principle behind all creation.


It is the original template of the Angelic Human DNA. Every human has a unique blueprint through which we are designed to learn from our shadows, unhealed wounds, and by bringing light into our darkness. To walk this pathway of growth and evolution is to heal the soul and the multi-dimensional body.    


The Shamballa 64 pathways are a road map for healing the Lightbody, mind, body, and spirit.


There are three dynamics represented in each of the 64 pathways.  The first dynamic is the Unhealed Wound. Each wound is part of our shadow and we are designed to learn through experiencing their impacts on our relationships with self and others. This dynamic shines a light on the reactive and repressive responses that occur as a result of these wounds.  The second dynamic is the Healing Process.  Here we uncover how to rise above our wounds and see the other side of our patterns. We learn to move through the shadow and its impact on generational ancestry.   The third dynamic is the Integration.  This dynamic is all about a new way of being.  A new embodiment of the codes and how to live in a flow state.


You can use the pathways in everyday practice.

With awareness and intention you can use these codes as tools to identify where we give away our time, power, and energy.  The codes illuminate where we are compelled to sacrifice our soul and purpose and how to navigate back to our truth.

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