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Your Gateway to Deeper Healing and Higher Consciousness

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Are you ready to awaken your multi-dimensional lightbody?

Our Services

We are experienced Spiritual Counselors and Healers in Chico, California and firm believers in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through our practice, we strive to align clients and promote deep transformation for the mind, body and spirit to heal and awaken the multi-dimensional lightbody.

DNA Strand_edited_edited.jpg

Understanding interconnectedness of trauma, patterns and core beliefs.

Remembering the heritage of humanity.

Gold Liquid
Sound Healings


tones, sounds and vibrations of the Universe, and Elements of Earth and Spirit.

Activating healing on a deep cellular level.

Balancing Rocks


deep emotional blockages and healing the wounds from life's traumas.

Reconnecting to your soul.

Leticia, Chico CA

"My experience during the retreat has helped me in a way that nothing has ever done. Therapy or counseling has not touched and changed my deepest traumas like this. Kristi and Marijana provide a safe place to speak about myself. I have moved from a place of not feeling my emotions to understanding why I suppress myself. This is the most safe I have ever felt when dealing with childhood sexual abuse.”

Crossing the River
The greatest lesson I am learning is staying in the river, staying grounded, honoring my feelings and my heart and allowing the freedom of pure love to shine.

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